29 October 2009

I will trust Him

From my morning Bible Study:

"Therefore, those also who suffer according to the will of God shall entrust their souls to a faithful Creator in doing what is right." (1 Peter 4:19, NASB, emphasis added)

"So if you are suffering in a manner that pleases God, keep on doing what is right, and trust your lives to the God who created you, for he will never fail you." (1 Peter 4:19, NLT, emphasis added)

While this verse's primary focus is on those who suffer in the name of Christ, I believe the character of God revealed here never changes and applies to our relationship with Him always. He is my Creator, faithful in doing what is right (I can have faith that He will always do what is right!). I should put my trust in Him for He will never fail me!

I can trust because His cause is always right. There is no need to fear - for my future, for my family, for safety in storms (both figuratively and literally - the tornado watch this morning sparked just a little anxiety). God is not only my Creator, but my Protector and Redeemer. He knows what He is doing. Who is like our God? Who else is worthy of my ultimate trust? Who else never fails? Who else is faithful in doing what is right?

There is no one like our God.

15 October 2009

His Marvelous Light

Highlight from today's Bible Study journal entry:

"It is no Plan B that salvation was opened to the Gentiles, it was foretold by the angel in Luke 2:32, Christ was to be 'a light of revelation to the Gentiles'- we were planned for! We, ourselves, formed by God, for God [Isaiah 43:21], as His special treasure [Deuteronomy 7:6], have been called out of darkness into His marvelous light [1 Peter 2:9]! . . . No circumstance could ever overshadow this remarkable truth!"

04 October 2009

There's Gotta Be More to Life

I have been shocked recently to discover how young I truly am. More often than not, I think about the fact that I am 25 - a quarter of a century old - and think about how old I am getting. Not that 25 is old, but it is older than I've ever been before ;)

I am a wife, I am a mother, I am a home-owner. I feel settled. As though the rest of my life is laid out before me. Sure, there will be adventures - I'll have more kids (God-willing), my kids will start school, my kids will graduate, my kids will get married, my kids will have their own tiny blessings. Are you seeing a trend here?

It seems that from the moment a child was brought into my life, the unpredictability and potential for my own was stunted while I began to live for her and her future.

What I have begun to realize is: God is not done with me! My life has only just begun!

I have come to this wisdom by listening to various Godly women whom I admire and adore talk about their own pasts and the silly things they thought when they were in their twenties and how God has grown them since then. It hit me: I'm in my twenties! I'm where these women were when they were only just beginning to grasp what God had in store for them.

I am, right now in the "remember when?" stage. I'm not done yet! I still have so much more life to live and God is still working on me and in me.

I am in the middle, right now, of a period of my life that I know I will look back on as a turning point. Everything is changing and God is moving powerfully through it all. He is growing me. He is growing my husband. He is pointing us where He wants us to go.

I still have so much more to accomplish than simply being Micaiah's mother (a title I am so proud to claim!). I have a future and I can't wait to see what it holds!