25 March 2010

Look at me, I can price match!

As you may have noticed, I am an avid money-saver. I do the whole bit - coupon binder, searching on-line for coupon match-ups and carefully watching for the supermarket ads. I am certainly a compulsive bargain-hunter. As such, I typically rely on the blogs of other moms who put much more effort than I do into the process and borrow their deal ideas. Imagine my surprise when I discovered a deal this week that was unadvertised on any blog but certainly stoked my frugal embers.

Here's what I did to get Toy Story and Toy Story 2 on Blu-Ray/DVD for the price of the free movie tickets which are included with the movies:

1. I'm a member of Disney Movie Rewards - a free program I highly recommend. If you own Disney movies you most likely have multiple codes laying around inside your movies which are like gold to earn you free stuff - so join! But on top of that, DMR currently allows members who want to upgrade their copies of Toy Story to print coupons to help them with this. Therefore, this deal only works if you have old copies of these movies. If you have them, go to DMR and enter the UPC codes as a "Magic Code" - this won't get you any DMR points, but it will allow you to print a $10 coupon toward an updated copy. You can do this for each movie - two movies, two coupons!

2. Toys R Us has these new releases on sale this week for $16.99 each if you buy both. I had to price match this at Wal-Mart because we have no Toys R Us here. It was my first price-matching experience and I was a little scared. But, with a little effort, it worked!

3. After coupons, each movie cost only $6.99! And, as mentioned, each includes a free ticket to see Toy Story 3 this summer - which would have cost me more than $6.99! (Also they're each worth 125 DMR points!).

Now I understand there has to be a perfect storm of events for this deal to work for others (owning the originals and having a Toys R Us or their ad within proximity) - but if you can work it, do it!

To say that I'm a little proud at having discovered a price-matching deal like this all on my own and having it work out - well, that's an understatement and God and I will deal with my pride in a bit - but even so I wanted to share what I found just in case any of my friends could take advantage. Who am I to deprive others of an awesome deal? ;)

(PS Be aware that because this relies on the sale at Toys R Us, the transaction needs to be done by this Saturday to work for this price. OK - I'll leave you alone now.)