25 May 2010

Retro Tuesday

One of my favorite posts from my wittier days:

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Something that cracks me up: when people trip up the stairs. Not that I delight in their misfortune, but rather I smile at the fact that every person has the exact same response. We are such predictable beings. The immediate response upon falling all over ourselves is to jog up the next three or four steps as if to say, "Look! I can totally handle these stairs. Not only can I WALK up them, but I can RUN. Oh, yes, my friend, I am the stair master. I may have been defeated once, but it will not happen again!" It makes me laugh out loud (at least on the inside).

20 May 2010

Retro Thursday

Friday, August 05, 2005

I was driving along tonight when I noticed three deer grazing in an open field. “Hadn’t they ever seen Bambi?!” I wondered. For if they had, they would know that open fields in the presence of humans means danger. But, then, maybe they have seen the tragic movie and merely chalked it up to Bambi and his mother living in the wrong part of town. Surely, where these deer were at, in a field right outside of a gated community, they were safe from the gun-wielding members of the general population. They obviously chose to raise their children in the suburbs for good reason. Smart deer.

18 May 2010

Retro Tuesday (Oooh, it's a Theme!)

Thursday, August 04, 2005

I drink from the milk carton.

My favorite color is silver.

I plan to name my first boy Macaiah (he will go by Cai).

I love to dance.

My dad wanted to name me Stephanie.

I hate the way Butterfingers get stuck in your teeth.

I like to speed (but I've been trying not to).

I hate talking on the phone, unless it's been a long time since I've talked to you.

I have a pile of clothes on my bed that have been clean since Saturday (it's Thursday) but never folded.

There is a love triangle in my house wherein Lucy is the object of both Henry's and Wilbur's affection. Luckily they're kept in separate fish bowls.

I love to organize, but it doesn't show.

Last semester I was addicted to a Brazilian soap opera dubbed in Russian called Klon (clone, in English).

I love getting and sending mail.

Freshman year I had a snail named Jamie that attempted suicide by jumping the five feet from her jar to the floor. She succeeded the second time.

I despise country music.

I like flowers a lot.

Lesson learned from the movie Intolerable Cruelty (as stated by my mother):
"That's why, if you have allergies or asthma, you should never be a hitman."

Posted 8/4/2005 8:38 PM

(Back to Present Day . . .)

For the record:

I no longer drink from the milk carton (so fear not if I ever offer you milk - which I tend not to do because I'm stingy with my milk - but I probably won't turn you down if you ask - so just ask)

I think my favorite color is now purple. It depends on the object and the day.

We all know how the name thing turned out - Philip liked it better for a girl (and I totally spelled it wrong in the original post, but for journalistic integrity I did not change it).

Still love to dance but don't do so as often as I used to (mostly because I no longer blare fun dance music while I'm cleaning . . . maybe I should).

Yes, I hate the way Butterfingers get stuck in my teeth, but they're still my favorite candy bar.

I actually don't speed anymore, ever (as long as I'm paying attention).

Still hate talking on the phone - don't know if that will ever change.

I've been better about my laundry these days, although if I'm not going to fold them they stay in the dryer rather than on my bed. Although I do have a tendency to leave folded stacks laying around the house.

Still not a big fan of country, although "despise" is a bit strong.

Still a big fan of flowers although I never get them.

So interesting looking back to see how I've changed (and how I haven't).

14 May 2010

Retro Friday

If I keep "Retro" in the title, it maintains that feeling of continuity which would have come from a scheduled weekly post, right?

Anyway, the next installment of, "I have nothing else to write so I must rely on my former blogging glory days instead."

"Saturday, July 09, 2005

I don't understand when they write on the road something like 'School X-ing Ahead' and they write it bottom to top so it reads 'Ahead X-ing School,' assuming you'll read it as you come across the words. Well, I don't know about anyone else, but I ALWAYS start at the top. So, even if I can't see the first word right away, I kind of collect all the words in my head so I can read them in sequential order. So it drives me NUTS when they write upside down. Especially when the words are spaced really close together, so you're less inclined to read them in the order in which they intended.

Anyway, these are the things that really bother me. The world could be falling apart around me, and I get annoyed at the writing on the road. Welcome inside my head."

12 May 2010

Retro Wednesday

I won't bother re-posting the totality of my entry for September 30, 2005, but I wanted to share this one part with you because of the complete irony and naivete involved . . .

"I must admit, I don't understand facebook. And before I get condescending comments telling me just HOW facebook works, let me rephrase, I understand how to USE it, I DON'T understand its appeal. Besides the fact that it's fun to see old high school classmates on-line, that's all we get to do: see pictures, read a few things and that's it. Okay, that was fun . . . Whatever."

Oh, how simple I was.

In other news, re-reading posts from days gone by is like re-living the whole beginning of my relationship with my husband - because that's where it all blossomed, folks, right there on our blogs. I have to admit, it kind of gives me butterflies all over again.

Too sweet ;)

11 May 2010

Retro Tuesday (or Whatever)

I have to admit, I think it's kind of fun when people have themes for their blogging days. Like, "Wordless Wednesday" and you just know that every Wednesday you'll see a picture. Predictability. It's nice.

But it's not really me.

I'm not such a big fan of being confined to a box or thinking, wow, that would be perfect for Wordless Wednesday - but then having to wait until Wednesday - just not fun.

So, here I am, going through posts from my good old xanga days (which basically document my entire Senior Year of college - sigh - good times) in order to archive them for the future. And I want to share.

So here we go down Memory Lane. I'll re-post some of my favorites whenever I find one I like. And I'll do it on whatever day of the week I darn well please. Because this is my blog. And I can do that.

Up first:
"Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Have you ever noticed that driving is like a dance? It's something I've always marvelled at. I find it so relaxing to just get on the highway and go and be all alone in my car, and yet, strangely connected to everyone else on the road. Where are they going? Do they take this same drive every day, or is this path taking them somewhere new? Is that guy with his car filled to the brim moving toward something great or is he just glad to finally get away from whatever it is he's leaving behind? Whatever reason we all find ourselves on the road, there we are, connected for a brief moment in time. Have you ever thought about it? As previously mentioned, it's always appeared to me kind of like a dance: slowing down, speeding up, merging right, or left, each car expertly maneuvering around the others to find himself where he's most comfortable, at the speed he's most comfortable. And then, of course, there's always that idiot with no rhythm that just can't dance to save his life, messing up everyone else. But besides that guy, it's all just a beautiful thing to me. And thus it relaxes me.

And I'm sure none of this makes any sense to you. I'm sure you find it all very disturbing. I'm sorry. I'll shut up now

'All the world's a stage/And all the men and women merely players' - William Shakespeare"