08 July 2009

Come again?

Our credit card company called us today. Turns out they were concerned because we had not been using our card. How sweet. When I informed the polite woman on the phone that they had not done anything wrong, rather, we had just made the choice not to use credit cards anymore, she, in turn, out of the concern from her heart, I'm sure, replied:

"Well, in light of the economic downturn, we are encouraging our customers to use their cards for everyday items so they can avoid going into debt."

Now, I know I'm no financial guru, but last time I checked with Dave Ramsey (and my common sense) using a credit card was not the most efficient way to avoid going into debt. Call me crazy, but I do think there's a reason it's called credit card debt.

Rather than invite logic into the conversation, I simply stated, "We're fine, thanks." They are so thoughtful.

1 comment:

  1. Funny...don't go into debt by going into debt. Makes great sense in Bizzarro World!