15 February 2013

Of Asking the Question

As an early teen, I became swept up, as did many others, in the movement among our Christian culture motivating all of us to spread out into the world sporting our many-colored woven bracelets with four bold letters stamped across them: "WWJD?"  Yes, I did.  I had the bracelets.  I had t-shirts, necklaces, keychains.  I, along with many others, felt the daily reminders would keep me in line, following in the footsteps of my Savior.

The funny thing is, only today, two decades after the phrase was coined, do I feel I truly understand what those letters actually meant.  

I asked myself, "What would Jesus do?" as an external motivator.  As if Jesus were just a good standard to live up to.  Jesus did good, therefore I, too, should do good.  It logically follows, then, if I ask myself the question and live by its answer, I will be doing good.

The end.

Yet, is that all He is to me?  A good moral leader?  One whose example is to be admired and followed, as best I can, or is comfortable for me?  Someone whose name adorns my wrist, clothing and other personal effects so they may speak where my words constantly fail to proclaim Him directly?

Of course, we realized long ago that a token bracelet was not the key to living this Christian life and, as with all fads, the movement died down and we went back to our daily lives - living them just the way we'd want to, because the question simply became too bland, too common-place, lost in the shuffle.

How is it I have only just now discovered what it means to ask, "What would Jesus do?" not because I want to be like Him, but because, as one baptized in His name, He is truly to be living through me.  The question, then, is not, "What should I do so I can be like Jesus?" but "What should I do as one through whom Jesus is actually living?"  It's a daily putting aside of my own desires and recognizing, He is in me - therefore my reaction is to be His.  My caring for others is to be His caring for others.  My body is to be daily living out His actions.  I am not my own.  I am His.  What, then, if I were truly giving myself over to Him, would I be doing?  What would He be doing through me?

15 years ago, it was my striving to fulfill that question to the best of my ability.  Today it is my allowing Jesus to answer it through me, to the best of His infinite ability.

So I'm asking myself the question again today.  What will I allow Him to accomplish in me and through me?  What would Jesus do?  What will He do?

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  1. I. LOVE. THIS!
    Seriously. Love it! This is such a great breakdown of the concept of abiding in Christ! Thank you for sharing! Next time I think "WWJD?" I'm instead going to adjust it to be "What does Jesus want to do through me right now?" It makes it go from a passive, almost hypothetical question to a serious, active, and immediate response. Thanks!