28 March 2013

Of Bedtime Kisses

It was a night to remember.

Not for anything glamorous.

It was a spaghetti-stains-making night.  A snuggle on the couch watching our favorite 90's TV show night.  A giggling with dinner guests night.  An "I don't like green beans!" night.  A put the baby to bed early because he's just plain grumpy night.

And none of these by themselves would necessarily be memories in the making.

But when it all culminates with bedtime stories on Mommy and Daddy's bed, passing kisses from left to right and right to left - with that oldest boy pulling his daddy's head down by his hair so he can kiss it just right, right on the top.  And head kisses turned to elbow kisses and elbow kisses were shoulder kisses and shoulder kisses were cheek kisses.  Sloppy kisses, giggling kisses, don't-want-to-send-them-to-bed kisses.

And who would want to forget a night like that.

Because it's how the day ends that makes all the rest of it make sense.

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