24 October 2013

Of Being Refurbished

That printer of ours had been driving me nuts for years. Often failing to do what it was made to do or just making things difficult. So when a refurbished edition of a shinier, newer model came available for half the original price, I jumped. Finally, something different. My problems will be solved.

But then they weren't.

Then the new one, fresh with refurbished, life, emerged from the box with all the glimmer promised. Except that it didn't work.

Out of desperation, I made a call. To the ones who should know what's wrong. The manufacturers, creators of this machine, who could lead me to a solution, fix my problems.

And they sounded hopeful. Until they learned about the condition of this model. Refurbished. Previously broken. Not purchased from them, so they didn't care.

They didn't care?

Wasn't it their machine? Regardless of the store name on the receipt, isn't it their name printed on my broken device? I'm not looking for replacement or a handout, just a solution. A fix to my problem. But they could offer me nothing. Because I didn't come to them the right way, my machine was in the wrong condition.

Silently I hung up, inwardly I raged.

Thankfully, I praised.

I praised my Creator Who didn't care where I came from or the condition I was in when I called. He recognized His Name, stamped on my heart, and He answered me. He doesn't care what brought us to this point, He only cares that we're calling Him to fix our broken hearts.

We, in Christ, are refurbished, previously broken, but repaired to new life. It doesn't matter how many times we've called out or how we got to where we are. He cares that we are His.

There is no warranty on this life, but there is a manufacturer Who will not abandon us. It is He Who has promised, "When you call out to me and come and pray to me, I'll hear you. " (Jeremiah 29:12). And We can trust in Him.

And praise.

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