29 January 2015

Of Our Little Princess

Hananiah suffers from what I like to call "Tony Stark syndrome" - she does not like being handed things. Except she forgets that she doesn't own her own skyscraper or pay for Pepper Potts to accept things her behalf. Yet she gets away with it anyway.

If we have a toy for her, it must be set in front of her - not placed in her hands. And the same is true for food.

The majority of her non-milk food lately has been some form of pureed something packed into a Little Green Pouch, taking away the mealtime stress of trying to force a spoon into a baby mouth that turns around and spits it back out. She holds her pouch, sucks down her food and everyone is happy. But she will NOT allow us to hand her the pouch.

I often forget this as she cries angrily for any kind of food and I rush to get it into her hands as quickly as possible. Those hands, though, are immediately tucked back - in the air in anger, but also tight behind her ears, refusing the pouch held in front her. At this moment I realize, oh yes, my princess does not allow her servants to put things in her hand - that, as every aristocrat knows, is strictly bad etiquette. And so I set the pouch on the tray in front her. She immediately turns off the tears, greedily picks up her pouch and guzzles her pureed goodness.

It's a good thing she's not spoiled or anything.

Wouldn't you let that cute face get away with it, too?

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