01 October 2012

Of Weekend Growth

- On Friday, Joseph began crawling on hands and knees.  Like a big boy.  A full two months earlier than either of his siblings.

- On Saturday, he hurt my finger with his brand new tooth.

- On Sunday, Micaiah decided she will be using the quarter and nickle she recently found on our bathroom floor to purchase herself a car for her sixteenth birthday (since I told her she couldn't have one for her next birthday - we figured she should be able to drive a car before she owns a car).  It will be big like Mommy and Daddy's and she will paint it like a rainbow - because Mommy and Daddy won't let her paint theirs.

- Emmett is now tall enough to push the buttons on the elevator at church, including the tippy top one to go to the first floor.  As little as two months ago he was only able to reach the Door Close and Emergency buttons - so it's much less worrisome now that he can push something useful - but when did he get so big?

- Micaiah told me she had a squash and she was going to put it into the washing machine because it was a "clo."  I was confused for a second (beyond the idea that an imaginary squash was going in our washing machine), until I realized she had just singularized the word "clothes" - smart girl, that one.

- On Sunday night at dinner, Emmett said he wanted to pray "A,B,C" - so we said ok - which usually leads to him deciding he can't do it on his own and passing over the job.  Last night, though, he did it.  He sang the whole prayer.  We were thoroughly impressed.

Playing Mario Party on Saturday night.  These three are my favorite kids in the world.

1,000 Gifts:
929. New teeth
930. A little hand reaching the top button
931. Impressing me with her English language generalizations
932. His memory improving
933. A husband who does what he says
934. Dating my mate - without even leaving the house
935. A family that doesn't mind waiting in the car
936. Raindrops falling on my head
937. Chicken Noodle Soup
938. A new month

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