19 September 2012

Of Craving these Moments

Great moments today:

- Micaiah suddenly loves to pray.  It does not matter that her current prayer starts with her singing, "A,B,C,D,E,F,G, Thank you, God, for my ______" - the blank is typically filled with either breakfast, lunch, dinner, or bedtime.  Occasionally she includes add-ons like, "Mommy, Daddy, my brothers, my friends, my teachers and Jack" - Jack is one of her four boyfriends.  Philip is going to have a coronary before this girl hits puberty.

- As Joey was laying on the ground the other day, he spontaneously pulled up his arm to prop his chin in his hand.  By the time I snapped a picture, he was making the hand multi-task by sucking on the fingers.  Such a cool kid.

- Emmett and I played catch today, this was how he put his hands out to catch.  It wasn't very effective.

- Speaking of him, you'll notice this little man is wearing a cloth diaper - because a)it's almost naptime and that's what he wears to bed and b)apparently Philip and I are really good at teaching a child how to use the potty and then, somehow, making them so disinterested in actually using the potty we're pulling our hair out.  Pray for us.

- Joseph got himself stuck under the rocking chair today.  Apparently he can duck his head enough in his army crawl to get under the wooden bars along the bottom, but his inability to scoot backward with his head down left him trapped like a monkey with his fist on the prize.  Crying ensued.  Mommy may have laughed.

- Post-nap today, I got three cups of animal crackers and sat on the kids' bedroom floor while we compared animals.  Micaiah bit the heads off hers to turn them into monsters.  Emmett did whatever she did - because that's how he rolls.

- We went to Cherry Berry after church today due to an unfortunate incident leading me unable to fulfill my promise to my husband of a Fro-Yo treat last night.  Micaiah sprinkled her strawberry yogurt with fruity pebbles, Capn' Crunchberries, Skittles and Chocolate Syrup.  Our children may have flavor issues.

- When we arrived home from our dessert date, Emmett and I went out to the driveway to find the moon (aka his best friend who always follows us everywhere).  We spent some time talking, where I learned his best part of the day was eating sprinkles and M&M's and ice cream (mine, too).  As we headed inside, he told the moon and his new friends, the stars, "Bye, bye."

I might really like these kids.

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  1. I think I might, too. :-) I am SO looking forward to seeing them (and you and Philip) in November. Love you guys!!