26 September 2012

Of Being Prepared

For a long time I have entertained the thought in the far depths of my mind that if anything ever happened to me my husband would be lost.  He would not know how to access our account so he could pay the bills.  He would not know where to find my poor excuse of a budget or even where some of our important documents are kept.  These housekeeping things are my responsibility (because I'm the nerd, according to Dave Ramsey), which I'm okay with and Philip is rather glad to have one (or many) less thing(s) to worry about.  

But then there's the issue of not being guaranteed tomorrow.

Then what?

So, while I'd really intended to break this all down for him a long time ago, I just know his poor memory would be overwhelmed to have to store possibly useless information for an indefinite period of time.  That's why I was so excited when one of my favorite women in the world posted on her blog about the document she'd created for she and her husband in the case of an emergency.  And, then, what was even better, she posted it for download.  

I knew there was a reason we were friends.  She totally takes care of me - just like she did way back in our college days when she not only told me what tests to take when for certification, but she drove me there and even took me to Sonic on the way home (ok, so maybe that was for her, but whatever).  See?  She's the best.

And even though she posted it awhile ago, I just now got around to filling it out (because I didn't have anyone holding my hand to do it).  So now we have all of our information in one place, password protected and sent to those who may need to reference these things in the unlikely event something takes us both out.  

Only now I'm walking around with this irrational fear, the same one that had me rushing to get the e-mails sent before we left for church even, that because I've finally completed the task, something is going to happen.  As if we'll be that tragic story that ends with "and she had JUST created her Legacy document that afternoon!".  

So for now, at least, I'm driving a little more carefully and trying to stay indoors during this lightning storm.  Because you just never know.

926. Lightning storms (when I'm inside, of course)
927. Having enough
928. Peace for the future


  1. Thanks for posting this! We are doing our wills next week and this would be a really good thing to add to that "to-do" list. I hate thinking about this stuff and have the same irrational fear...but it's way better to be safe about it!

  2. Aw yay! This may have just made my day...