27 September 2012

Of Playing in the Rain

One of our daughter's favorite activities is playing in the rain.  I love that about her.  Thus, as we've been entering fall and the rainy days have returned, I have been waiting anxiously for the time when I could let them put on their shoes to run out and scamper in the puddles.

Unfortunately, most of the stormy weather has waited until bedtime.  Don't get me wrong - I love to fall asleep to the sound of patters against the windows and thunder booming through the air, but waking up to a cloudy morning kind of makes me warm and fuzzy inside (sometimes I wonder if I was meant for Seattle).

Which is why, as I kissed Philip and sent him back to work after lunch this afternoon, I was giddy inside to feel raindrops from the porch.  I rushed back inside, had the kids locate appropriate footwear (because, though she loves getting wet, she does NOT love getting dirty) without bothering to change out of pajamas (that, yes, they were still wearing at lunchtime - this is what happens on cloudy, lazy days), and hurried them out the front door.

 Micaiah, of course, was elated to dance, twirl, run, do push-ups (I feel she'll make her living as a personal trainer someday) and find flowers, all in the rain.

Her brother was equally excited to play in the rain.  Until he stepped off the porch, felt the first drop on his head and ran full force back to the door.  Getting his head wet is NOT his favorite activity.

Even so, Emmett most certainly did want to retreat inside - he'd just stay in the dry corner of the porch, satisfied with the idea of playing in the rain - so I sat with him, baby brother in my arms, occasionally joining my little girl in making footprints (her favorite wet-pavement past-time), but mostly just enjoying the sight of her hair curling with moisture as it bounced against her back, dancing in rhythm with her child-like prancing.

Best moment of the day (and it's not even over - that's how precious this time was).

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