29 November 2012

Of Pausing to Remember

While meandering through my day, I stumbled upon this little video posted to Facebook:

Watching sent shivers through my skin and, eventually, brought tears streaming down my face.  And I felt absolutely ridiculous - crying at a crowd of people singing in the mall?  Really?

I could not peg down what was so emotional for me in this display.

"Because this is how it should be."

I felt the words in my soul and knew them to be true. It was for this we were created.  To bring glory to God in all places, among all people.  Not to restrain our chorus to the church pew or the kitchen counter (where I am most found singing in our home, if at all), but to declare Him to the world in every situation in every way.

This is how it should be.

His people.  And those who don't even recognize Him as Lord.  Stopping to acknowledge His name.  Pausing our busy lives to worship, right where we are.

Oh that I would be so bold.

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