31 January 2013

Of Stuff My Daughter Says

"Hugantis" [pronounced "huge-antis"] - It's her new word for something extremely large (to her) - it's the next "ginormous." You heard it hear first.

[On why Emmett should wear his new-to-him leather bomber jacket]: "It's a man's jacket.  It's a rock-and-roll jacket!" - Where does she learn these things?!

"When Joey grows up, he's going to be strong like a girl!" - You go, girl!

[After I asked if it's nice to be home playing with her own toys, after all our travels]: "Yeah, but I like when we go on adventures, too."  "Adventures?"  "Yeah, like when we go see other people . . . and when we go to Paris . . ." - Note, this has not happened yet, but she has been convinced, since she learned that's where her Great Aunt and Uncle live, we will be visiting Paris when she turns six.  She has no idea where that is or why anyone else would want to visit, except to visit Uncle Gary and Aunt Becky.  

"When I was getting eaten by a dinosaur, a snake came out, because the dinosaur ate it, too.  And it was scary and I said, 'Stop, you snake!' [insert Heisman pose here].  And then we played together inside the dinosaur.  And we lived happily ever after." - Mark my words, this girl will be a writer someday.

Every day is a new adventure with this one.

1,000 Gifts:
1074. Late-night girl talk
1075. Getting our Vitamin D the natural way
1076. Fistfuls of cat fur (still attached to the cat), and a patient feline
1077. Friendship, new and old
1078. Long awaited prayers answered
1079. Newborn babies


  1. My wonderful Micaiah! Yes, she needs to come to Paris to see Uncle Gary and Aunt Becky (who love her very much) and to see the wonderful things in Paris. :-) There is a very happy aunt in Paris now.

    1. We need to start saving up now, because we know she's going to ask the day she turns six, "Are we going to Paris now?" We, of course, would love that, too.