12 December 2011

Of Babies

It was a busy baby-birthin' day in our family.  No, not for me (this one's still got some cookin' time left on it's little biological clock!), but after hearing about their admittance to the hospital last night, I received word this morning that my newest niece, Miss Nella, was born at 8:51am - weighing a whopping 9lb, 5oz and measuring 21 inches in length - Whoa, Nellie!  (Sorry, I couldn't resist.)

Then, after Facebook-stalking Philip's cousin (the original Angela in the family), who went in for induction early this morning, all day, we finally heard of her arrival via C-Section not too long ago (I'm sure the wait was much more difficult on those actually involved, rather than those watching closely via status update).  And, as my mother-in-law stated, today was the day of big babies as little (or not-so) Evalynn beat my niece by a solid 6oz - weighing in at 9lb, 11oz and measuring, also, 21 inches long.

Whew!  Glad today wasn't our day - and praying February brings the day of small-ish babies.

Congratulations to all the families who grew in number today!


  1. I hope for February or late January ;) does too!

  2. Congrats to your family! I vote for smallish February babies, too! ;)

  3. Maybe a baby less than 9lbs!!! Also, if you follow suit, you should be having a girl :)

  4. So true!  Unless that was the 2011 trend :-/