03 July 2012

Of Taking the Bad

Have you ever had one of those evenings?

The kind where you realize at 7pm that your bank closes in an hour and you still have a deposit to make if you don't want to be overdrawn in the next couple of days, so you decide you'll run a few other errands while you're out and you'll take your daughter with you because she likes running around town.  So you get everything ready, you head out to the car, then you back out and break your driver's side mirror in the process.

Then, ticked about that, you head to the bank, make your deposits and head to your next stop - Staples - for which you have a coupon for a free bag and 15% off everything else.  Only, in reaching for the coupon on your passenger's seat you realize all the things you gathered for your evening out are still sitting on your dining room table.  So you head back across town, retrieve the coupon and the library books to be returned and you go back to Staples, where you end up spending more money than you should (especially considering you were about to be overdrawn only an hour ago), but it's hard to turn down a little girl who wants to get a present for her brother.

And then you turn toward the library - sure it's a pain driving the ten minutes to the other side of town, but that movie you have on reserve will be something relaxing to do over this mini mid-week vacation and they won't be open tomorrow (and, besides, you really need relaxing by now).  And then you get to the library, your daughter's most exciting portion of the evening, and see not a car in sight.  Because, according to the sign on the door, which has NOT been there the previous three times you have visited the library in the past two weeks (even though the sign announcing their being closed on the 4th has been everywhere) the library closes at 6pm on July 3rd.


So, on your way home, as you listen to your daughter crying because she won't get to pick out new books, and her suggesting through her tears, maybe you should go to a different library (though there is none), you realize you have now spent more in gas than you saved using your silly 15% off coupon you just had to use before it expired.  And then you remember that you forgot to use the other coupon you took with you to Staples, the one that would have saved $6 more, will expire soon and for which you'd been waiting for just the right reason to use it - the reason you opted to take advantage of the other sale in the first place.

Oh, that's never happened to you?

Maybe it's just me.

1,000 Gifts:
672. Giving good gifts to my children
673. Reciting Bible verses
674. A gift arriving in the mail
675. Exercising with kids underfoot
676. The hum of summer insects in the evening
677. A new recipe
678. When what is broken still functions

Why this day wasn't so bad after all:
Micaiah loves playing with Joey.  And he loves her, too.  It makes my heart smile to hear him giggling with her.

Playing with his piggies.

This boy is pretty darn adorable (when he's not fussing - and sometimes when he is).

His new caterpillar bowling set that finally arrived today.  He liked lining them all up.

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