06 July 2012

Of Updating

Here's what's been happening lately:

- Joseph is a big fan of rolling, in either direction, all over the floor.  This does, however, get him into trouble when he's in his crib and his little arms and legs wedge themselves between the slats (and, yes, we do have "breathable" bumpers to impede this issue, but he's REALLY good at getting around them).

- I have decided I'm tired of this lingering baby weight and so the kids and I are doing something about it.  Knowing I have too many things on my nap-time to-do lists, I have decided to make workout time a family activity.  The kids love doing some Latin dancing with the Wii, swinging their little white remotes (with non-functioning batteries) as if it matters.  Definitely a highlight of my days.

- We celebrated July 4th at home (though we will be attending a Sunday School party, complete with fireworks, this weekend), which meant dashing outside at every boom, hoping to catch a glimpse at someone else breaking the law while simultaneously burning up their money (because I'm all about taking my pleasure from someone else's unwise choices).  We did get to see a few bursts of sparks and dragged the kids out of bed two nights in a row so they could watch.  Micaiah, who remembered this from last year, was not quite as fazed, but when you wake a 3-year-old at midnight, apparently the excitement level isn't quite as high.  When we asked if she was scared she, who had really been quite calm and content for a few minutes, and looking forward to fireworks for months, really, answered, "Yeah, I want to go back to bed now."  Emmett gave the same response the next night, after shaking with fear in my arms through two giant booms.  And he did go back to bed, happily laying down and going to sleep while Sissy stayed up, throwing Poppers and giggling at smoke bombs (which we also showed Emmett the next day - he liked them, too - much more quiet than the showy ones).

- Emmett has been playing with "Jo-huff" much more frequently.  I think they're going to be good friends.

- Today, while Micaiah wore their fireman's helmet, Emmett stood on a stool, yelling, "There's a fire on me!" while Micaiah hollered, "I'll save you!" and, aiming the Slinky, stolen from Joey, like a hose, rescued her little brother from certain doom.  These kids are hilarious (and quite imaginative).

- Joseph is moving out of the "cuddle" stage.  He doesn't just sit most days, he squirms.  So, while I'm trying my best to savor every moment and not set him down so I can accomplish other things, he would really, actually, prefer to be rolling on his blanket or bouncing in his saucer.  He really is growing up.  Who gave him permission to do that?

1,000 Gifts:
680. Dreaming of vacation - maybe not the same as doing it, but hopes still warm the heart
681. Shedding the fear
682. Watching little ones stretch
683. A boy being a boy
684. Keeping track of prayers and, more importantly, their answers.

My growing collection for the "look how many times Angela can turn on the wrong burner" exhibit.  We have the cookbook from our first year of marriage, the pot holder from the same year, and the bread dough from just yesterday (which was on top of the stoneware that spontaneously exploded, leaving the raw dough to fall onto the burner underneath and ignite - yes, I'm brilliant).

Smoke bombs - this is intentional smoke, unlike that of the photo above.

Daddy and his "Lil' Defender."

Emmett was putting his hats on Joey.  Darn cute.  (Not to mention we have this same pose of Micaiah, Philip and Aunt Dia at roughly the same ages).

Joey is a big stander.  Also, apparently, he likes grabbing for things, so he kept intentionally throwing himself at Daddy's arm, which, of course, he knew would catch him.

After Daddy got tired of being the horsey, Micaiah offered to take a turn - the best part was, she actually succeeded in carrying Emmett around for just a few seconds (before he tired of it).  He was not quite as successful in his efforts to hold her.

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