17 February 2014

Of His Words

Twelve seconds after I'd closed their door for naptime, as soon as I'm on the potty (because that's when kids always have urgent things to say to Mommy), Emmett rushes out of his room, "Momma! I didn't get to say all of my words!"

I smiled, because I realized what he meant. And even though most of their delay tactics when it's time to lay down tend to frustrate Mommy and Daddy, this is one I kind of like.

"Ok, say your words." His look clearly indicated he couldn't do it while he was out of bed, let alone while he was talking to me on the potty. So, I finished and allowed him to get back into bed, snuggled up under his blanket, before he proceeded.

"Ok, now say them," I encouraged him.

"Good night. I love you. Sleep tight. I'll see you in the morning!"

Yeah, he's kind of adorable.

Also, his father pointed out, a bit like Dread Pirate Roberts. Perhaps he should start building up his immunity to Iocane Powder.

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