09 February 2014

Of Savoring the Days

Just because I don't revel in small talk about my belly doesn't mean I can't blog about it, right?

In just the past few days I have come to truly relish these last precious days and weeks with this rotund protrusion that limits my ability to see my pink-painted toes (in honor of that precious girl inside).

Though I have resorted to rolling off the couch, rather than attempting to stand from a position of laying on a throw pillow, and I have to visit the bathroom much more frequently than I'd prefer (making me question why I still have no stock in toilet paper), overall I enjoy pulling a sweater over this bulging belly holding my beautiful baby. I love feeling her movements inside me and rubbing my hands over the roundness that will be mere bulge in a few weeks.

As one who has left her "family planning" up to the God of the universe, I never know which child will be my last. Though it seems unlikely my womb will close after this one enters the world, one never knows what the uncertain future holds. Thus, I hold precious every moment of this pregnancy.

Yes, I eagerly await her transition into the world and fantasize about those moments when I will push my daughter from my body and carry her tiny, wrinkly body in my arms. I long to see her face and watch her grow. But it does not mean wishing away these amazing days when she is held safe inside, cuddled by my stretching skin, nestled in my womb, where she pushes and tugs in sometimes uncomfortable ways.

These are the moments I treasure.

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