28 February 2014

Of Our Perfect Storm

We sold our house last week.

Somewhere along the road, as we shuffled between my 39 week check-up with the midwives and gathering my mother from the airport who has graciously committed an indeterminable amount of time to helping us keep our sanity in these last days of pregnancy (as well as accepting the added perk of being here to welcome her coming grand-daughter to the world), I clicked send on the text that said, "We will accept that offer."

And our house was sold.

And a baby was going to come any day.

And there were papers to sign, inspections to schedule, loans to get rolling, and boxes to pack.

And a baby is going to come any day.

It would seem to the outsider now would be the time my head would be spinning and the stress would be almost insurmountable. I mean, I'm pretty sure the moving process and welcoming a new baby into the family are generally considered high stressors in the counseling world, and God, in His perfect wisdom, has coordinated all of these to encircle us at once.

And His wisdom is perfect.

Because where I would normally be sitting around wallowing in my pregnancy, wondering when this baby will come, counting every contraction and maybe begging a few extra foot rubs to get things moving (we are in the full-term category these days, having already surpassed the due date allotted by the midwives from the very beginning), I am, instead, grateful she has opted to stay put, allowing us time to get things moving along in the home buying/selling process. She didn't enter the world before the inspectors, appraiser, realtor, buyer and anyone else who claims to be a part of all of this came parading in and out our front door. I didn't have to sign loan paperwork in bed or tell our realtor that list of priority repairs on the new house would just have to wait.

She has given us time and this house has given me a focus on something other than the inevitable waiting for baby.

Meanwhile, while the packing process has begun, I have been able to refrain from the impulse to put anything not moving or breathing into a box, folded shut and labeled semi-neatly with a Sharpie. I can hold back simply out of necessity - my body can't do all I would normally force it to do if I knew I was moving in a month. Which is just as well, because we do kind of still need to use the things in our house. And knowing this baby will come has given me pause - time to slow down and recognize the work can get done later.

And so God, in His perfect wisdom, has coordinated these high stressors to coincide perfectly, bringing about the perfect balance between hurried work and patient waiting.

And the nerves have stayed calm and the world has carried on.

And having an extra mom in the house hasn't hurt any of it one bit ;)

God is good.

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