01 November 2011

Of a New Home

As you may or may not remember, 365 days ago, we embarked on a new journey as dog owners.  You may also recall this has been a roller coaster at best.  We've always loved the dogs - they're too sweet not to - but at the same time, with our three-year-old not being a fan of actual interaction with animals (though the idea of it always makes her happy, the execution not so much), we have not had the opportunity to spend near as much time with them as they deserve.  Thus, we've mourned the loss of our backyard as a play spot for our children and a viable gardening location (these little big guys are quite destructive as they have been, for most of the past year, still in their puppy stage).  So, we've loved the dogs, but hated what we've had to give up due to their presence.

And so it is, exactly one year after taking ownership, our journey has ended.  Tonight we bade Bennet and Bingley farewell as they entered into the next stage of their life with a new family (found via Craigslist, but we trust they will provide our guys with a loving environment).

All day long, while Micaiah was sad at the prospect of her dogs leaving ("The dogs don't go!  They have to stay with me!  I have to stay with them!" - why don't you just rip our hearts out, little girl?), Philip and I have been rejoicing - thinking of all the things we haven't been able to do this past year, but now will be able to enjoy once again.

We can plant garlic again!

We can put screens back in our windows (they tore these out, too)!

We can take the kids outside to play!

Oh, how marvelous!

What I didn't count on were the tears that sprang from my eyes almost the minute we shut the door on our beloved puppies - and I'm not talking a tiny trickle, but snot flowing, crying into my husband's shirt-sleeve kind of tears.  Having never had many visitors in the backyard, they didn't know anyone other than us.  They were terrified.  And I was heartbroken.  Micaiah hadn't said, "Good-bye." Bennet is nervous anyway, how will he handle new people (and a new canine friend in his future home)?

While I know I'll recover soon enough, there is, apparently, a mourning process, still.

Darn those pregnancy hormones.

 My shy, nervous and adorable Bennet

 Our hyper, loving, and curious Bingley

Good-bye, Boys!

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  1. It was hard to say goodbye, but knowing how little attention we gave them and seeing how happy the family was that took them, I can only hope that they will have a much happier life from here on out.