15 November 2011

Of the "Tree House"

We enjoyed the cloudy, yet beautiful, weather yesterday morning by trouncing, once again, to the back yard.  Only this time it had yet to rain, so the ground and, most importantly, the plastic tree house (I hesitate to call it that, because it might inspire grand visions of an exciting home atop our tree branches, when, sadly, it is simply a small plastic house squatting on the ground whose walls are molded to resemble a tree - not nearly as thrilling, but still fun for the wee ones), were dry.  This was Emmett's first experience in the little house and, while he spent most of his time simply sitting in it watching Sissy scamper about, he did really seem to enjoy it.  He even ventured down the tiny slide once or twice, but each time took a lot of motivating self-talk before he finally pushed his little booty down.  What a splendid morning.

Chillin' in the house.  
(PS This house used to sit on a cushy patch of grass - that has somehow turned to a mere dirt pit in the past year.  Isn't it lovely?)


Thinking about where to go next.

She's SO tall these days - she could even see through the peep-hole!

Enjoying the beautiful fall-ness of this morning.

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