09 November 2011

Of Potty Frustrations

I know it's entirely common in potty training, so I'm not looking for sympathy, just an outlet.

Micaiah, it would seem, has decided, once again, that she just plain doesn't care.

For quite awhile she had been going when we asked (not always happily, but she'd do it anyway) and even had begun running herself to the potty when she knew she needed it.  She was no longer even demanding a reward.  Being a big girl, it would seem, was its own reward.  We were living in a fantasy land of few accidents, dry underwear and happy parents.

Apparently the dream is over.

About a week ago she began going in her pants to defy us - if she was sent to time-out or told to sit in her booster seat until she'd finished her sandwich, she would sometimes emerge with wet pants.  This, of course, was frustrating.

And then, just yesterday, she began just letting go - whenever she felt like it - and not telling anyone about it.  She would be spotted with a large dark spot on her pants and, when questioned as to why she chose not to tell anyone, would shrug her shoulders and say, "I was playing."  She did not go in the potty once yesterday - despite being sent to try numerous times (usually that's all it takes).

Oh, if ever there is a moment in child-rearing when you just want to throw in the towel and ship them to potty-training boot camp, that was it.

This girl is the most stubborn being on the planet.  I have no idea where she gets it - I was certainly never that way (don't ask my parents, they're getting senile in their old age).


  1. lol on the last our parents! Kylie did that more when we left the house. I think you remember when we visited and she went on your floor...Yeah fun times! I think it took about a year to a year and half to get her FULLY trained. That might be longer than normal...I don't know, but she is good now. NOW it is on with Kaleb...Fun, Fun! :)

  2. I think there must be a magnetic field of bad potty vibes being sent out to all toddlers on earth right now, because we are going through regression right now, too. 2 evenings in a row G has pooped in his pants. And he comes waddling over to me going, "Oooooooo," and pointing to his crotch. C'mon kids, you KNOW you have to go, especially if you are PUSHING. Just get on the pot!