17 November 2011

Of Paying it Off

It was a big milestone in the Rowland household today.  We paid our midwives!

This payment deadline has been looming over us and sucking every extra dime for the previous four-ish months (since our initial consultation).  Though we looked forward to having this baby "paid for" (a task which was not accomplished for our other children until we approached their first birthdays) before its arrival, the inflexible nature of our budget was definitely a bit draining. Thus, while we are still not allowed to splurge in celebration (the money was just entirely depleted from our bank account, let's remember), there may be a happy dance of victory.

Now, on to the next hurdle, as I put it to our Sunday School class: locating (and procuring) a vehicle large enough to transport our growing herd.  Three carseats will not happily coincide in the backseat of our Ford Taurus - nor would we want them to.  Now taking applications for vehicles (that won't further increase our debt factor) . . .

PS I forgot to mention - none of this would have been possible but by the grace of God.  "What is impossible with men is possible with God." (Luke 18:27)  And we are continuing to rely on the grace of God to meet all our needs - including this vehicle expansion endeavor.  Thank you for joining with us in prayer!

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  1. Hehehee, herd.   Love it!     Praying for God to lead you to another vehicle!!