01 August 2012

Of Loving His Cousin

Our eldest son is not yet at the age when we hear him talking about his favorite play-mates (other than his sister).  While Micaiah comes home from church telling me about the escapades of her and her friends (all male, by the way - don't know yet if this should concern us), labeling just about everyone she meets as a friend and asking about someone she just met ten minutes ago like they've known each other forever, her brother is still at the point where he pretty much keeps to himself.  Other than at home, where he and Sissy will chase each other around in fits of giggles, he's pretty much a "parallel play" kinda guy when it comes to children his age.

Thus, you can imagine my surprise when, at dinner the very evening we pulled back into town from visiting Virginia with my parents, as my brother and his family sat at the other end of the table, Emmett declared, "I want to see Nella."  This, coming from my introvert son who not only doesn't remember who he played with last week, but was also VERY cranky from two days in the car and a very poor nap in his carseat.  He didn't want dinner.  He didn't want milk.  He didn't want to sit in his chair.

But he wanted Nella.

Nella, who is only seven months old.  Nella, who does little more than suck her thumb or chew the nearest toy (not unlike his little brother, Joseph).  She doesn't offer hugs or squeals of recognition, no flickers of excitement to see her cousin who she just met last week.

But this is who he wanted.  This was who made him happy on this evening when nothing else could.

So enamored he was, the entire ride home, after shunning his pasta, he asked where "UncleAndyAndrea" were and which house, of the many passing outside his window, belonged to them.  Upon arriving at Grandma and Grandpa's, he dashed in, looked around and inquired, "Where Nella?"

It was absolutely precious.

I love seeing my children enjoy their family.  I pray we will have many more opportunities to traverse the distance and reinforce the bonds which are only just beginning to form.

716. Two of my boys snuggling on the couch
717. Joey's smile at his big sister
718. Watching my tiniest man entertain himself, sitting up on the floor
719. Story-time with my littles, laying on the bedroom floor
720. A flowing skirt on a summer evening

Also, guess who's eating from a spoon these days . . .
At five and a half months old, he started these shenanigans on Sunday.  What a big boy!

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