08 August 2012

Of My Undeserved Love

Yesterday morning, after staying up too late, yet again - an ongoing theme during these days of Olympic prime-time airing until 11pm and my inability to get ready before they're over - I was caught in a dream as my husband, who had been up for an hour or so already, preparing for work, woke me by whispering our youngest was ready to eat.  So, he brought me the baby and while I was done feeding him, my husband came back in, took the little guy back, changed his diaper and laid him back down.

Then, he came in our room to fix the toilet, yet again, because it was running, yet again.  And while I stood next to him, feeling guilty for still being so groggy after clearly having slept longer than he and still knowing I would be able to sleep even after he was gone, he was putting his hand to my back, guiding me back to the bed, tucking me in and kissing me good-bye before he left to work hard on my behalf.

I am so blessed.

Daily I get more sleep than this man.  And he never holds it over my head.  Not even on the occasional Saturday morning when I gripe that he's sleeping until 11 and I just want one morning of not having to prepare breakfast for our little ones the minute I get up.  Not even on the rare day when I debate napping - on those days he tells me, always, that I should.

Would I do the same?

Doubtful.  In me dwells bitterness.  I have my days when I recognize how much better my job is than his.  But I also have the days when I gripe and whine and detail for him every minute of my crazy child-filled day, begging for pity, begging for a break.

So when it comes to sleep, I know if I were him I'd be rolling my eyes every time that wife of mine, the one who woke up at nine that morning, the one who kept us both up until midnight, mentioned being tired.

Grateful every day for a man I don't deserve.  The one who loves me better than I know to love him and cares for me with the greatest tenderness and lack of selfish motivation.

He is truly my greatest blessing.

1,000 Gifts:
734. Female camaraderie
735. Road trips
736. A knowing smile
737. Sharing stories of God's goodness

Photo of the Day: 
As we were preparing for lunch this afternoon, the two big kids in their chairs and Little Man playing on the floor we suddenly heard the tinkling of piano keys.  And there he was, sitting at the piano, loving it as he plunked his hands on the keys.  He sure does like his music.

For those of you interested in how we're doing during our Whole 30, I'll be including a daily update.  For those of you not interested, you have my permission to check out now.

Whole 30 - Day One: 
Breakfast - Eggs, scrambled with Coconut Oil, and a Nectarine
Lunch - Romaine and Spinach topped with Cherry Tomatoes and Shredded Chicken (sprinkled with Chipotle Rub before cooking) and drizzled with Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar
Dinner - Mexi Salad (substituted Chicken for Beef because it's what we had)
Evening Snack - Mixed Nuts

Worst Moment of the Day: Longing for chocolate.  Any chocolate.
Best Moment of the Day: Licking my guacamole fork knowing I just made something amazing and it's good for us!  Healthy eating does not equal bland eating.


  1. I also daily thank God for the amazing man I married. We are blessed.

  2. I too blessed with my husband.  I've often heard Philip compared to his Uncle Gary.  I now find more similarities.
    Love to all of you!