08 August 2012

Of Our Hipster Evening

As our gas-guzzling SUV pulled into the Whole Foods parking lot, smack in the center of the swanky district of OKC, I immediately felt out of place.

"Are we chic enough to shop here?" I asked.

"I don't think so." was the reply from the front seat.

Though, the minute Philip, Dayla, our herd of children, and I paraded through the front doors, I didn't care if I was a hillbilly in high-class heaven, I was ready to move in.  If it meant endless access to the bulk nuts, fresh nut butter, beautiful fruits and jars of organic coconut oil, I would sleep in one of those yellow metal chairs chilling in the front of the store for the rest of my life.

But only if I could bring a Pack n' Play for Joey (and cots for the older ones, of course).

As it was, I was like a kid in a candy store as I stocked up for our road trip down hippie lane that starts bright and early tomorrow morning.  I'm pretty sure I spent fifteen minutes in the bulk section alone, calculating prices and pouring almonds, cashews, walnuts and pecans into their little plastic baggies.

I loved just about every second of it - and that's not just because I had two helpers wrangling the children so I could focus on locating the cans of coconut milk.

To top off the evening, we made a quick stop for my first ever Cuppie at Cuppies & Joe.  Vanilla, chocolate and salted caramel dwelling in peace together?  Yes, this was the most perfect ending to my sugar-filled eating habits (at least for the next thirty days).  And when the delicious combination is accompanied by a frozen hot chocolate served in a jar on a shabby-chic wooden table in a creaking old house surrounded by college students sipping their lattes and working on their theses, well could one get any more hipster?

If only I had some Toms . . .

1,000 Gifts:
727. Rain glittering on the windshield
728. Folding clothes
729. Tiny fingernails gripping my skin
730. Sticky fingers from an over-eager rice cereal eater
731. Buckets of fresh flowers
732. Aisles of brightly colored produce
733. Planning to treat our bodies well

Photos of the Day:  As we headed into the City, we were blessed with rain, and the beautiful sunset which ensued (photo by Dayla).

Whole Foods - I'm now a believer.  (Photo by Dayla.)

My first Cuppies & Joe fodder - amazing!  

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