13 August 2012

Of the Story of Ruth

Yesterday, after arriving home from church, I sat on the couch nursing Joseph and my daughter snuggled next to me.  I asked her a simple enough question, "What did you learn about in church today?  Adam and Eve?"  I had assumed this based on the trading card she had handed me while leaving her class.

"No.  I learned about Ruf."

"Ruth?  What did you learn about her?"

"Um, that she was married and her dad died and she had two sons and they both died."

"Was it Naomi that had two sons?  Did they both die."

"Yeah, and then their was another man and he fell in love with her."

"With Ruth?"

"Yeah.  But there was a bad guy who had lots of hair on his chin and on his face and he was a bad guy."

Now I got a little lost.  All I could guess was maybe she meant the other relative who was to be Ruth's kinsman redeemer who gave up the role to Boaz, but I couldn't be sure.  Either way, I was thoroughly impressed.  The most we've gotten in the past from the aforementioned question were things like, "God." or "Adam and Eve."  And, yet, there was my near-four-year-old daughter reciting to me the pre-schooler version of Ruth and Boaz.

Impressed, indeed.

1,000 Gifts:
763. That little girl, twirling in the grocery store
764. She smiles and shrugs her shoulders
765. Telling her, "Did you know you're my favorite little girl in the whole world?" Big smile.
766. Being taken care of

Photo of the Day:
Spending a little quality time with this guy was a highlight of my, generally, rough day.

It may be blurry, but this smile will always win me over.

Whole 30 - Day 6:
Breakfast - Banana
Lunch - Blended Strawberries, Blueberries, Bananas; Two forkfuls of Chunky Apple Chicken Salad
Snack - Sausage and Egg Casserole
Dinner - Cajun Rub Rotisserie Chicken (label carefully read), Green Beans

Worst Part of the Day: Waking up absolutely sick, wanting nothing more than a Gatorade and saltines and hoping it doesn't last so I don't have to give in.  Then, when the sickness subsides, feeling too weak to prepare acceptable food and wanting to just sit on the couch and indulge in comfort foods - crackers, cereal, chocolate milk, the list goes on. 

Best Part of the Day: Realizing there are options for meals that don't require an hour in the kitchen (like store-bought chicken) and, overall, just surviving the day without giving up.

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