20 September 2011

Of Babies and Bellies

We learned today the reason my husband won't be able to feel this baby moving anytime soon, and the reason all the kicks I've been receiving have been to my internal organs, is not due to an unnecessary excess of fat cells in my middle region, but rather because the placenta is forming a cushion between my child and the thin layer of skin separating my uterus from the outside world.

While better for my self-esteem, it does make me sad that think I will be the only the one enjoying the movements of this new life inside me (though I maintain hope that as this child grows, that placenta won't be able to stop it from showing itself off to the world just a little).

Speaking of my middle section, by the way, I think it important to note that there comes a point in the pregnancy (a point at which I definitely find myself these days) wherein it is no longer a compliment to say, "You're 20 weeks pregnant?!  You're not even showing!"

Please.  If this is how I look when I'm not pregnant, steal all the cookies and chips from my pantry this instant.

Just saying.


  1. I had someone say something similar to me when I was 6 months pregnant. Granted, I was sitting down at a table & wearing all black when she first met me, but it still bothered me!

  2. The "you don't even look pregnant" thing has gotten really old. For one thing, I WANT to look pregnant (first time and all), and also, I agree with you - I'm obviously bigger than I normally am, so do people think I'm hitting the snacks too much? I hear ya.
    Sorry to hear your silly placenta isn't cooperating with you and Phil. As you said, though - maybe before too long, it won't make a difference...

  3. hahaha you crack me up! By the way, my sister is having her third baby as well and she had the same thing happen with her placenta! To give you hope it took about 20 something weeks for others to feel Him, but I just felt him wiggling a few days ago!!! :) 

  4. That's great!  Yes, I felt a bump last night (after posting) from the outside, so it made me happy.  

  5. I know!  I don't think people realize that it's a good thing to look pregnant when you actually are - it's nice to know we don't just look fat :)

  6. lol - sad.  It's good to know black is doing it's job - but, yes, still not fun for us!