28 September 2011

Of Emmett's Game

Every day when I change Emmett's diaper, he has a favorite game he plays.

Each morning, I will remove his pajama bottoms and drape them from the bar on the end of his changing table* until I need them again.

And each morning, Emmett watches carefully for me to release his clothing on the table, at which point his little monkey feet grasp the pants to pull them up to his hands where he happily pitches them over the side, either into his crib on his left or on top of the trash can to his right, wherever Mom is doing a worse job of goaltending.

The first couple of times he did this, I thought it might be an accident - as though he felt something at his feet, wanted to see what it was and then thought it wasn't very interesting, so he tossed it aside.  And this may have been how it started, but now it is definitely deliberate.  And he will monkey anything on the end of that table into his little grubby hands - a burp cloth, the clean diaper that is waiting for his tushy, his shirt for the day - whatever.  And each item gets tossed happily out of Mommy's easy reach.

Despite the number of times he has been swatted for this very same behavior, he seems to find even more delight in our game each day.  In fact, this afternoon, before nap time, as his tiny feet grasped for his jeans, there was a devilish little grin on his face and a very mischievous chuckle.

Yes, he definitely enjoys his antics.  At least he's amusing someone.

PS I have, actually tried, holding the clothing tight under my arm while I work on the diaper, at which point he tries with all his might to tug them out with his hands.  No one ever said this boy wasn't determined.

*For those visual folks who need help forming a mental picture, this is what his changing table looks like, including the fun little bar at the end from whence his clothing hangs, which is the source of all my son's amusement.

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