11 September 2011

Of Emerging Personalities

I'd heard so many times before how different one child is from the next.  Clearly, I've seen it in my own family, just among my siblings and I.  Though we share similarities born from shared experiences and DNA, we are definitely distinct individuals.

I just don't think I realized how quickly we would see this in our own children.

While they both love to talk and (as a "consequence" are slow to develop physically) and to dance and both maintain mellow attitudes on a typical day, slight differences are beginning to emerge.

We've discussed before Emmett's love for playing ball.  These are his favorite toys and he will seek them out anywhere he goes.  When he's angry, we can toss a ball at him and all will be right in the world.  He can also throw amazingly well - he has one powerful pitching arm!  Meanwhile, Micaiah always seemed to lose the ball behind her in the wind-up and has still not improved her athletic skills by much.

Micaiah is a neat freak.  The idea of anything "yucky" just turns her off.  A thread on her bed, a crumb in her carseat, these are just not tolerated.  Emmett couldn't care less.  He crawls around eating the food he tossed on the floor previously in the day (or, I mean, how could he do that when I vacuumed it up immediately, of course?), he'll finish the food in his bowl and use it as a hat, sprinkling crumbs through his hair.  He doesn't care.

We definitely find ourselves saying more often these days, "Micaiah never did that, did she?"  And it's fun.  I love watching them diverge and, yet, complement each other nicely.  They're a perfect pair - soon to become part of a Terrific Trio.

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