03 September 2011

Of Expansion

I've really been meaning to actually take semi-regular belly shots, but, what can I say?  This is our third child. Being a third, myself, it hurts to say that - but, really, you've seen a belly grow once or twice it kind of loses its flare.  My belly will always be my belly.  But, when this baby comes out, it will definitely be its own person and the excitement should rev up from there - no worries, third child!

But, back to business, so, here I am, nine weeks late with the first belly picture (well, nine weeks late taking it, posting it even a week later), begging your apologies.

Penguin is definitely beginning to make his/her presence known (though, keep in mind, this belly was also slightly inflated with the likes of Red Lobster's Butter Shrimp with Crab Sauce - yum)!

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