17 September 2011

Of Talking to the Sun

Earlier this week, Emmett and I had a bad day.  His understanding of the word "no" has diminished quite rapidly lately.  Or, rather, his understanding remains the same, but his proclivity to respond appropriately has definitely dwindled.  Thus, by the time Daddy got home, Mommy needed to get away.

Having a few errands to run, anyway, as soon as dinner was over, I gathered my purse and my coupons (always a necessary task before heading out the door).  Noticing the signal of Mommy leaving, Micaiah asked what I was doing.  Her response, then, was, "I want to go to the store, too, Mommy!  I miss you!"

Well, how can a Mommy say no to that?  So it was that mother and daughter headed out on a little errand-running date.  I love having alone-time with my little girl.  Mainly I love not going to the store alone, but also not having to carry a baby.  A walking child is lovely.

As we headed to the car after our second stop, I noticed the moon was beginning to rise - always something exciting for Micaiah to see.  After I pointed it out, she gasped at its beauty and said, "I say sun we see moon."

"Ok," I said, "you tell the sun we see the moon."

"But where is the sun?"

Seeing then, that while the clouds beautifully displayed the remnant's of the day's glory, the sun, itself, had already settled in for the evening.  "Oh, well, it looks like the sun is already asleep," I told my little inquisitive one.

She addressed it anyway, "Sun, we already see the moon.  Good night, sun!"

She makes me smile.  A lot.

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