18 September 2011

Of Tiny Movements

I don't know if it was just the reality of seeing our little one on those flatscreen televisions at the ultrasound office, but it seems it was that very night I started feeling this penguin waddle around for real.  Of course, the movements are still small.  At first they were only felt when I had my belly compressed for some reason, either sleeping at night (I'm a belly sleeper, always - who kind of has to re-adjust as this particular belly gets larger) or just sitting with my knees up on the couch.

But I guess when you consider our baby now weighs 12oz, only slightly larger than a soup can, it's no wonder its presence is starting to be made known.

And I love it.

For one thing it seems to be the only person on this earth who appreciates my singing (though it could be because it is muffled to its tiny ears), as this afternoon, I sang a few bars of a familiar song and immediately felt a little kick when I stopped - I imagine that to mean, "Keep going!" rather than "Thanks for stopping, Mom" - it's my imagination, let it wander as it may.

And currently, I think he/she knows we're talking about it, because it is moving like crazy as I type.

The only downside: it seems, also, to have found my bladder.  Sigh.  I was hoping it would take a little longer for those tiny arms and legs to meet its favorite punching bag, but such is life as a pregnant mom.

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  1. I totally hear ya! The movements are amazing, especially since Chris is getting to enjoy Miss Abigail, too! She, too, has discovered my bladder, especially when it's full. I guess that kind of trampoline is just to hard for little ones to resist. We're enjoying getting to follow along with you guys through this pregnancy, and through your blog posts about your whole family. God bless you guys!