10 September 2011

Of Turning Three

Three years ago today I was drugged and exhausted and my precious new baby girl was secluded in the hospital nursery, being closely watched for possible infection.  Today, that little girl is a crazy ball of energy that seems to mature with each passing hour.

We spent the day celebrating by heading to the Oklahoma City zoo (for the first time ever), where she enjoyed seeing the animals' eyes (that was seriously the aspect she was most thrilled about before going and even after getting home - she is so weird).  While the day was exhausting for everyone, the animal tour ended on a high note with the giraffes and zebras, who were much more engaging and less depressing than every other animal on display in their non-natural habitat.  Even Emmett, who should have been passed out in his stroller by that point perked up, pointing and waving at the tall creatures, exclaiming, "Gira!"

After dragging ourselves back to the car, we made one more stop - to spend Micaiah's $3 coupon to Toys R' Us courtesy of their birthday club.  Heading to their cheap-toy aisle, she played with every option, testing them all before making her choice.  But since her heart had been set on a "fish toy" ever since we told her where we were going (her randomness really surprises us every time), she wisely selected the bathtub fishing game and placed it in the cart.  Handing her toy and her coupon to the cashier, after announcing, "It's my birthday today!", she seemed like such a big girl.

The day ended with the making and eating of birthday cupcakes with some time for dinner and present/cards between the two events - though Emmett never stopped eating (we're monitoring him closely for signs of pending explosion).  Her gift from Aunt Dia of a doctor kit left us all concerned with her doctoring skills and sincerely praying she does not go into the medical profession (unless cutting your patients open with the scalpel and then eating them with a spoon and saying, "Mmmm" is part of the Hippocratic oath).

Yes, I'd say she had a very wonderful birthday and will be very glad to see it gone.  Until next year!

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