11 February 2011

Of Bedtime Buddies

Please excuse my absence yesterday. Suffering a strong case of tonsilitis, I headed to bed before the kids, even, and did not emerge from the bedroom until lunch-time today (and by "lunch-time" I mean the time at which Philip and Micaiah ate, as I wasn't quite ready). Meanwhile, Philip did an amazing job of playing stay-at-home mom. I even had the joy of hearing, "How do you do this every day?"

In other news, Micaiah has added a new toy to the bedtime routine: Philip's old Beanie Baby in the form of . . . A cat? No. An adorable teddy bear? No.

A dragon.

That's my non-girly girl. Makes a momma proud.

Thus, before lights out, the current commands are: "Say, 'I love you, Buzz; I love you, Dragon.'" And, thus, we do. Because that's the kind of parents we are.

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