27 February 2011

Of Our Wiggle Worm

Emmett has begun the next stages toward becoming a mobile little man.  He has got the army crawl nailed.  And his little feet and knees go a long way toward getting him to where he wants to go. 

I attempted to get video of his wiggling, but, as it turns out, taking a toy away from a baby in order to tempt him to move toward it only makes him cry.  And then, when his sister picks up said toy while you command her to put it down and she, instead, gives it back to him, forcing you to take it away again to put just out of reach, causing him to scream even louder, well, that's just cruel and will make you feel like the world's worst Mommy ever.  Trust me.   So, no video for now.

But believe me, he is working on this becoming an independent man thing.  Now, if he could just learn to pull himself up to his hands, rather than shimmying along on his elbows, he'd be racing around the house faster than we could blink.

Perfect timing for me to become a Cleanie, wouldn't you say? ;)

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