28 February 2011

Of Our Chatterbox

I tell my husband all the time, "I hate to say this, honey, but your son is a cry-baby."

He shrugs.

We both know it's true.

Last night, though, was different.  Crying, for some reason, I can handle.  Because there's a "solution."  Even if it takes awhile to find it; I know that if he's cold, I can cover him up; if he's hungry, I feed him; if he's too hot, I peel back the layers; if he's soaking wet, we do a wardrobe change - simple enough, right?  What do I do, though, if he's keeping me up in the middle of the night, but he's not crying. 

What if he's just talking to himself - babbling, with a lot of sleepy moaning thrown in for good measure?  There's really not a fix for early (early) morning whining is there? 

Just call him Mr. Chatterbox.  I guess it beats a cry-baby.  Maybe.

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