21 February 2011

Of Being a Follower

My little girl is such an independent Miss Priss.  When she's at home.  Or just around others her age.

But put her in a setting with any child slightly older than her and my little bossy pants becomes such a follower.  This three-year-old is running around screaming?  Clearly I must run around and scream, too.  This three-year-old is blowing into the most obnoxiously loud recorder known to man?  I must do the same (right in Mommy's ear, of course).

Truly, it's not all bad.  I actually enjoy seeing her getting along with others and being a favorite play-mate (for her pliability, of course - who doesn't want a life-size Barbie doll?).  I enjoy the smile on her face as she joins in the games of others. 

And I know when the tables are turned, she is the model of a wonderfully bossy older friend.

It's all about the hierarchy of toddler-hood.

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