06 February 2011

Of Football Frenzy

We are die hard football fans in this house, as evidenced by the fact that the three adults spent about fifteen minutes this morning discussing and researching to determine exactly when the game was and on what channel.  Clearly, it's a high priority for us. 

Despite our indifference for the game, I did pull out of this unofficial national holiday an excuse to do a few things I've been looking for an excuse to do: try out a new cake recipe, use my beloved Pampered Chef batter bowl in a creative way and practice my decorating skills (with the Easy Accent Decorator, also from the Pampered Chef - if you're interested, I know a girl).  That's right, I funneled my lack of general sports interest* into a good cause and came out with a darn cute chocolate cake in the form of a football, laces, grass, and all.  Who says I'm not a fan?

Meanwhile, Emmett showed his manly colors today.  Just as the coin toss was about to occur, I set him on the floor (his favorite place, other than a lap, of course) to play with a few toys.  Did he eagerly grab for his light-up musical cube (a current hit)?  No.  He sat motionless, eyes glued to the screen.  He only looked away for a few seconds to glare at his Aunt Dia for making the comment that he was "going to be" a man's man.  Clearly, he's already there.  As proven by the fact that when the Packers took the field his arms went in the air (his aunt did a good job brain-washing he and his sister, who thought our discussion of the team meant she'd be getting crackers sometime soon, so I still say her vote was biased).

So, there, we participated, America.  Happy?

*For the sake of my pride, I would like to clarify: though the athletic arena overall generally fails to register as a blip on a my radar, I would like to make it known that I can watch a game and I have been known to be rather adamant about the team I choose at random (even if just for the colors or the fact that they're the underdogs - or both).  And I can follow a game enough to know that it's sad watching a Super Bowl (supposedly the best of the best) wherein the Steelers allow three turn-overs and miss a field goal (although acing the two-point conversion was nice) - and the Packers didn't bring their A-Game, either.  Just to be clear.

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