12 February 2011

Of Life with Daddy

Their clothes are either too small or mis-matched (or both).

Emmett has been seen around the house wearing either shorts or nothing on his legs at all (in winter).

They're not eating what Mommy would have fixed for them at the times at which I would have done so.

They are watching inordinate amounts of television.

But what this Momma, now bed-ridden (from Strep, as it turns out) for two days, sees is this:

Micaiah is being encouraged to put her toys away when she's done with them (something I, admittedly, forget to ask of her).

They are well-fed (with fruits and veggies, even).

Daddy is playing "Memory" with Micaiah, perhaps more than he would like, but it never shows. All she sees is his shared excitement when she, indeed, finds the other rabbit.

Little boy is almost getting spoiled with smount of time he gets to spend in his Daddy's arms.

My husband knows how to take care of his family (even if it doesn't always look the same as when Mommy does it).

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