16 February 2011

Of Mushy Minded Blogging

The title just about says it all.  If you came looking for my best today, you might want to check out some of the posts listed in my sidebar, because you are not getting my A-Game tonight, folks.  I apologize here and now.

For the past couple of days I've been wanting to document a few of my more favorite quirks my children currently display.  I know these won't last forever and before I know it I'll have forgotten all about days like today.  This is me cherishing the moment:

  • From the day Emmett first discovered his wrist, he has used it to his full advantage.  Well, maybe not advantage, but entertainment at the very least.  His favorite form of communication is sticking his arms in the air and rotating those wrists like a mad man.  If he's happy, you'll see a hand wiggling in the air.  An angry Emmett will get you a wild fist, but a really excited little man will stick two arms as high as they'll go with both wrists moving as fast as he can get them.  It's one of the cutest things in the world.
  • When Micaiah has to use the restroom (and she actually thinks to tell us, which isn't often), she'll say, "I need un-erwear." Apparently she's noticed the changing of the underwear happens frequently (as in, when she doesn't tell us and we forget that it's probably time).  
  • Both of my kids are fans of "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" - probably because Mommy tickles them whenever she mentions rain.  They kind of like that part.
  • Micaiah loves story-time.  And for awhile, she was very specific about it happening on Mom and Dad's bed, but recently she's been ok with using the futon in Emmett's room.
  • Micaiah hates the crust on her bread.  She won't eat it.  This frustrates me, but I pick my battles and bread crust just doesn't seem like a hill to die on.
  • Emmett loves television.  Already.  This makes me sad.  This also makes me reach for the remote when he's angry and I just need a few more minutes to get his food ready.
  • Micaiah can count - just not in order.  She often sounds like a quarterback, "One, Fourteen, Twenty-Nine, Ninety-Nine . . ."
  • Emmett can be screaming his adorable head of hair off while getting his diaper changed, but if I stick a board book in front of his face, all's quiet on the western front while he reaches for the pages of cardboard.
  • Micaiah is not a fan of pet names.  We can call her "sweetie pie," "hon bun," "baby bear" or any one of the hundreds of odd names I pull out of thin air and we always get the same response, "No, I Micaiah!"
  • Micaiah also has the most proper pronunciation of the word, "Yes" right now - she always puts a large emphasis on the "s" and it's pretty cute.
That's all I can think of.  I know there is so much more about my kids that make them who they are - the little things you just can't put your finger on, but it's the reason you can't help but scoop them up in your arms for giant bear hugs.  The reason you just can't get enough.  But we'll just leave at this for now.

I'm putting this mind of mush to bed.

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