18 June 2012

Of Bamboozlin'

Imagine this: A little boy is playing with one of his favorite toys - a play laptop, let's say - and along comes his big sister with another toy he'll just love - a plastic dinosaur, perhaps - offering to allow him to play with it.  Sweet, right?


Unless that big sister happens to be slicker than a used car salesman who walks up to you, after you pull into the lot next door in your shiny Lexus, and tells you she's got a 1976 Chevette (or some useless car - I'm only pretending to know what I'm talking about) in back that you'll just love and she just needs to be rid of.  So, here you're thinking, free car!  Yay!  Maybe you'll drive it when you're hauling the kids around so they don't get the Lexus dirty.  That's cool.  Until you take it out for a test drive and come back to find your Lexus gone and the overly helpful used car salesman gone with it.

Sad day.

Yeah, that's kind of like the scene that unfolds here daily.  Usually multiple times a day.

"Hey, Emmett!  Don't you want this dinosaur?"

The innocent and unsuspecting two-year-old answers, "Yeah."

And as he reaches for the dinosaur, she snags the laptop.  Because, you know, Mommy and Daddy always taught her to share.  So, she's sharing.  And he's sharing, too, whether he likes it or not.

Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you're looking at it), he never quite seems to catch on.  So, while he'll occasionally fuss at the fact he was just bamboozled, he's usually so caught up in the dinosaur, he really couldn't care less.

Sometimes Mommy and Daddy step in for him at the first offer of the alternate toy, because we see what's coming and we like to protect our innocent little boy from his conniving big sister.  But sometimes we just let them sort these things out on their own.  Because as long as they're both happy, we're content to just let it slide.

1,000 Gifts:
601. His little fingers wrapped around my pinkie
602. A little boy calming down after a phone call with his father
603. Warm summer evenings - not hot, just right.

This photo is from yesterday - but I'm sharing it today because it's just too cute not to.  This kid finally got to spend some time in his exersaucer this weekend, and he's kind of a fan.

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