20 June 2012

Of the Darnedest Things

One of the best things about having a 3.75-year-old is being in that "Kids Say the Darnedest Thing" stage, as my two most recent Facebook statuses indicate:

"While reading Mr. Popper's Penguins, I asked Micaiah some questions to aid with comprehension:

'Where did Capt. Cook sleep?'
'I don't know.'
'Capt. Cook sleeps in the refrigerator! Do you think we should have a penguin in our refrigerator?'
'Where's our penguin?'
'We don't have a penguin.'
'Let's go get one!!!'

Next item on the shopping list: penguin ;)"


"After her third helping of Chicken Nugget Casserole:

Micaiah: 'Ok, I'm full.'
Philip: 'Chicken Nugget Girl doesn't want any more?'
Micaiah: 'No, Cupcake Girl wants a cupcake.'"

The enthusiasm with which she decided we must go get a new pet (regardless of the fact that Joey is supposedly our live-in penguin) cannot be adequately portrayed in writing.  And Cupcake Girl - that was all her.

I never cease to be surprised by the things she comes up with in normal conversation.  She's a firecracker, that one.

1,000 Gifts:
612. Fresh grass clippings littering the lawn
613. Bugs made fat while churning up our compost
614. Dark brown material for feeding our garden
615. The sprouting of new tomatoes
616. A little girl loving on her baby brother through kisses and giggles
617. A Daddy-Daughter sing-along
618. Her beautiful curls swept up in a ponytail

Photo of the Day: Micaiah decided to play with Joey while I got ready this morning.  I loved watching her bounce all over our bed, bending over her brother to kiss his tiny face.

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