19 June 2012

Of Parties

For as long as I can remember, I have looked forward to the day I would celebrate my "Golden Birthday" - when I would turn 28 on the 28th.

In fact, that and going to college were the two highlights of my future.  I didn't dream about my wedding day or what it would be like to be a Mommy (though I assumed, of course, both would happen at some point), but going to college and celebrating my Golden Birthday - those were big.

Now that my university days are five years in the past, the final of my big goals is soon to take place.

And, while I knew it would be fun to say, on that one day of my whole life, "I'm turning 28 today - on June 28th!,"  I really did not have any plans as to how that celebration would go down.  So, I told my husband it was up to him.  He better make it special.

Then I realized that was a lot of undue pressure, so I planned it myself (like I, frankly, have planned all my birthdays throughout our marriage, as our birthdays are three days apart and it's just plain easier to plan a joint outing rather than separate the two) - and I was going to have a party.

A real birthday party - with people other than just my family (who are great, don't get me wrong, it's just not the same as having an official "party," you know?).

And saying that makes me feel like I'm five, which, by the way, is the age I was the last time I had a real official birthday party and had more than two people show up (yes, having a summer birthday the same week as the fourth of July kind of ruined my chances of ever having a good turnout - in fact, I only ever even tried twice, and both were epic failures).

Well, sure, there was the one year, nearly 10 years ago now, when my high school friends and I all went out together and they spent the night after, but since we pretty much did the same kind of thing all the time, I'm not sure it counts as a party so much as "Let's hang out - and, hey, it's my birthday, so we'll have cake, too!"

Either way you slice it, it's been a long time.  And I'm kind of giddy about it as I buy frozen deliciousness for my ice cream bar and plan the toppings I shall offer - as this will be the central theme of my "party" - no pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey or musical chairs at this shindig.  Just a lot of calories and some spoons (oh, and purses, because I want my friends to treat themselves just a little).

And then I realize, it's still summer.  And people are still generally gone during the summer, no matter how old you get.  Stink.  So, maybe me and two friends (who are as vacation-poor as we) will have a great time - but at least we'll have ice cream!

 PS My husband gets a little bitter on this topic as no one made any special mention of his first birthday (even though we have video that proves otherwise).  Thus, with his birthday on July 1st, I've told him we'll do it up right when he turns 71.  Until then, I think he'll be glad when this 28th nonsense is done.  Love ya, sweetie.

1,000 Gifts:
604. Playing on Mommy and Daddy's bed before bedtime
605. Acorn Squash served like bowls
606. Bacon wrapped around chicken - need I say more?
607. Dimples on my little boy
608. Her getting comfortable around dogs
609. Him climbing up the slide
610. A little guy falling asleep on my chest
611. The prompting of the Holy Spirit building habits 

Photos of the Day:
Playing on our bed after dinner, Joey had a great time standing (one of his favorites) and then laying on Mommy.

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