06 June 2012

Of Perspective Shifts

When we were new parents, the transition, as for everyone, was rough.  Going from free-spirited newlyweds  who can run out to Wal-Mart at 11:30 on a Friday night because they have a hankering to play Mouse Trap and need to go grab a copy to parents of a newborn who can't go anywhere without first buckling the baby into the carseat, making sure the diaper bag is stocked, considering the feeding schedule and how that will coincide with the time away from the house, the entire process adds at least five minutes to getting out the door and, well, it all becomes too much of a hassle to where you'd rather just stay home (or send one adult delegate out for the errands while the other stays home with the sleeping baby).

Suddenly you feel constricted, tied down.  Because it's not just the two of you, anymore, it's the two of you and "the baby."

It's an entirely different perspective going from being the two of you and a pre-schooler, a toddler and a newborn to it just being the two of you and "the baby."

Suddenly there is FREEDOM!  Because now, when we want to get out, instead of requiring twenty minutes to round up tiny shoes, change three diapers, check the diaper bag, grab snacks (if necessary), buckle three car seats and finally head out (to the cries of, "We wanna watch!"), we buckle a baby into his carseat, make sure the diaper is stocked, consider the feeding schedule and plan accordingly.  The entire process adds only five minutes to getting out the door.

Incredible what a shift in perspective does.

*Also, please note, we have felt much freedom for the past couple of weeks with an only child, but very much look forward to entering back into the pre-school/toddler fray shortly.

1,000 Gifts:
546. Slivers of potato flying off the peeler, over the bowl, into the sink
547. Reading, belly down, on a made bed at 7am with little one squirming nearby
548. His little head twisted all-around to see momma
549. Little boy asleep on his play-mat
550. Tiny male voice over the phone: "Good night, Mommy and Daddy"
551. Scribbling notes as I prepare to enter his world
552. Beautiful rain = Free car wash
553. Lounging with Little Mister, who just needs a snuggle
554. Raindrops on the windshield

"How I spent my Summer Vacation" by Joseph Peter:

Once this little guy learned how to get to his tummy, he never looked back.  Now he flips over the moment he's laid on his back.  And he always seems to hold his hands together - so proper!  He hasn't started working on flipping back, yet.  Apparently he's quite happy with the belly!

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