01 June 2012

Of Enjoying Playtime

I feel as though having some time away from Big Brother and Big Sister is really helping Little J to thrive.  Where he once laid to simply watch his siblings in awe as they scurried about and occasionally tossed a small toy in his direction, he now is left with finding ways to entertain himself (you know, in those moments when Mommy isn't cuddling and cooing and making goofy faces at him).

Laying in his play gym, he grasps for the feet of the elephant hanging above him or the soft ring of the zebra rattle nearby.  He clings to the rattle Momma places in his fingers.  It's like we have an entirely new son.  One who is absolutely enthralled with the toys he only stared at a mere week ago.

 On top of which, he has also begun rolling with much greater frequency.  He had, a couple of weeks ago, learned to roll from front to back but did not employ the tactic often.  Now, however, he rolls and squirms to where every time I look at him he's in a new position.

And, then, of course, there's the ever-present good attitude.  I think this may be the first child we've had who will sometimes (like today) notify me he's awake in the morning with happy squeals rather than a demanding cry.  I really feel like he could be good friends with Buddy the elf, because smiling is totally Joey's favorite, too.

Yeah, I kinda like this kid - and the changes only make him better than he already was.

1,000 Gifts:
539. A rainstorm to compliment a rainy day
540. Birthday party plans
541. Creases in chubby baby legs
542. Children tiptoeing across the bathroom - seen over the miracle of technology
543. "I otay!"
544. The rattle of a baby's play
545. The promise of an evening together

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