15 June 2012

Of Simple Pleasures (and Overeating)

We may have splurged a little much on food today and my belly may be a little larger than necessary as a result, but I maintain taking the kids out for a spontaneous IHOP breakfast with Mommy and, later, the entire family through the Taco Bell drive-thru, just for the heck of it, may have made the day (or the first half of it, anyway).

Then again, the playing with trains in between the two lavish meals didn't hurt, either.  Especially not when it meant listening to Micaiah's gruff man voice saying, "Thank you for the air conditioner" (this girl never ceases to amuse me in her pretend-play world).

Overall, the day was definitely not too shabby.

1,000 Gifts:
575. Tiny green sprouts sitting in the window sill
576. Little man hairs falling to the floor
577. Homemade pizza
578. Baby poop that doesn't yet smell bad.
579. Getting out the exersaucer
580. Finding just what I needed at the garage sale
581. Whipped butter
582. A thunderstorm in the night
583. A clean plate and little-man pants needing to be unbuttoned to make room for bulging belly
584. A mailbox filled with only colorful cards (no political postcards, K-Mart ads or electric bills)

This photo was from yesterday, when Micaiah took the Slinkie Joey had been enjoying and arched it over his back.  I love my kids.

Enjoying IHOP.

This is Joey's form of enjoying IHOP.

We played with Story Dice while we awaited our food and, later, while we awaited the check.

Train time!  I had fun setting out every single piece of that.  And I might be proud to say that every single piece was also put away before dinner.

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