17 June 2012

Of the Father of My Children

The other day, Emmett was having a bad afternoon.  It was one of those afternoons when he had woken just a little earlier from his nap than he should have.  And he was not happy about it.  

On these afternoons, his typical course of behavior is to cry about wanting to be held (and typically by whichever parent is busiest - "Is mom making dinner?  Then she must be the one to hold me - not Daddy, who is sitting on the couch waiting to snuggle.").  Thus, on this particular day, it was me, feeding Joey, who was the target of Emmett's needy nature.  

"I want Mommy!" he cried, as he sat on the toy box.  

Daddy, who had gotten home only minutes before the breakdown, knelt next to Emmett and to ask what was wrong and if there was anything he could do to fix it while Mommy was otherwise detained.

It was in that moment, Daddy kneeling in the glow of the afternoon sun streaming through the front door, face only inches from his teary-eyed son, speaking soft words of consolation, that I was grateful for the father I have in my husband.  

Neither of us is perfect - especially when it comes to parenting - but his moments of patience come when mine have run out, his horsey abilities far exceed my own, his shoulders were made for carrying toddlers and his prayers of protection over kids frightened by the dark (or pretending to be so Daddy will comfort them) are what make him the best father I could imagine for our beautiful little ones.

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Daddy and his babies - Father's Day 2012

Daddy said to put on their angry faces - only Micaiah cooperated.

Silly face time.  I love the look Joey is giving his sister.

Still silly faces, only Micaiah's is downright creepy.

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