23 June 2012

Of Hitting His Stride

Our little boy turned two earlier this week (as you well know), and he seems to know it.

It's as though with one birthday he suddenly realized he was a big boy now - it's a big jump from being a one-year-old to a two-year-old.  Suddenly he's having his own thoughts - we're hearing more often, "No, Diddy!" (translation: "No, Sissy!") whereas before he would just do anything she said - he's playing his own games (I heard him pretending with his toys yesterday, where one was yelling, "Ah, it's a scary monster!"), and he's earning his own spankings (as in, he's getting into trouble all on his own now, not just because Sissy led him down the wrong path).

It really is astonishing.

Just the other day, as I heard the two of them having an actual conversation, rather than he just parroting her, it hit me - we have two big kids.  It's not just one little girl doing her thing while her brother follows behind.  They're independent people.  And we have two of them.  And soon, as Joey grows into his own within the next couple of years, we'll have three walking, talking, individuals vying for our attention.

This life thing just gets crazier and crazier.

1,000 Gifts:
633. Giving someone a break
634. Taking my time
635. Fresh blueberries
636. A sunny summer evening
637. The perfect shade to protect my fair skin
638. A Boston Cream Cupcake
639. Making plans

Photo of the Day: 
Eating dinner on the patio with friends - could the day end any sweeter?

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